Hydralyte Orange Powder Satchel 24 pack




Hydralyte Orange Powder Satchel 24 pack

When to start taking Hydralyte:
Hydralyte may be taken on the first signs of fluid loss due to vomiting and diarrhoea. Hydralyte may also be taken to help manage dehydration caused by heavy sweating, vigorous exercise, excess alcohol consumption, or due to a hot or dry environment.

Signs of mild dehydration:
Sticky or dry mouth, increased thirst, decreased urine output, dark yellow urine, lethargy. Dehydration due to vomiting or diarrhoea can be dangerous in babies and children under 5 years old and in elderly people.

Dehydration due to:
– Vigorous exercise.
– Heat.
– Vomiting & diarrhoea.
– Travel.
– Strenuous activity.
– Excess alcohol consumption.
– Heat & excessive exercise at work.

  • No added gluten
  • Preservative free

Size: 24 Pack

1. Fill cup with 200 mL of fresh, cold drinking water (For babies under 6 months, it is recommended that freshly boiled and cooled water be used.). 2. Empty contents of one sachet into 200 mL cup of water and stir until the Hydralyte powder has dissolved. 3. Sip slowly and frequently while symptoms persist. 4. Discard unused solution after 2 hours or 24 hours if refrigerated. 5. Avoid mixing Hydralyte powder with cordial, fruit juice, soft or sports drinks as these can interfere with the rehydration process.

Usage: Recommended dosage for dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhoea:

Age in years: Under 12 months, Take in first 6 hrs (sachets): 1-2, Max. sachets per day: 5.
Age in years: 1-3 years, Take in first 6 hrs (sachets): 2-3, Max. sachets per day: 7.
Age in years: 3-6 years, Take in first 6 hrs (sachets): 3-4, Max. sachets per day: 10.
Age in years: 6-12 years, Take in first 6 hrs (sachets): 4-7, Max. sachets per day: 13.
Age in years: 12-Adult, Take in first 6 hrs (sachets): 7-10, Max. sachets per day: 20.