Did you know?

  • Every year on our roads around 1,200 Australians are killed and 44,000 are seriously injured.
  • Evidence shows that bystander First Aid reduces pre-hospital deaths and severe injury in the critical time it takes emergency services to arrive at the scene.
  • It is in the immediate aftermath of a traffic accident—the first 3 to 5 minutes—when giving life-preserving actions really matter. For example, it takes 4 minutes for a person to die from a blocked airway (hypoxia) — the single cause of an estimated 85% of pre-hospital traffic deaths
  • Even in the shortest ambulance response time (9–14 minutes in Australia), without immediate First Aid intervention, a person with a blocked airway will not survive. The simple act of lifting the unconscious person’s chin to unblock their airway, could save their life or lessen the impact of injury.
  • Knowing how to control severe bleeding is another immediate life-saving intervention — the loss of blood causes an estimated 30% of motor vehicle accident pre-hospital deaths.