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Enhancing the lives of Queenslanders for over 130 years through innovative community and workplace support.

Supporting Queenslanders since 1883

Every year the nature of how we support individuals, employers, associations and the broader Queensland community continues to grow and evolve.

Every day, we’re continuing our mission to enhance the lives of Queenslanders and their families through community services and charitable programs, comprehensive education and training, and quality first aid supplies.

"It makes me get up in the morning, and it's somebody to talk to. It brings me a lot of enjoyment."

Salah - St John Ambulance Qld Community Transport Driver

"St John Ambulance Qld will have vetted their drivers, they would check their CV's. I'll be able to rely on the person who's driving."

Margaret - St John Ambulance Qld Community Transport Customer

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A positive impact for all Queenslanders

If you believe in the valuable work of St John Ambulance Qld, please show your support by donating to our organisation, volunteering your time, or in other ways that positively impact Queenslanders.