Workplace supplies & restocking

Are your workplace first aid supplies up to date? Let us restock your supplies, onsite & with ease.

Stay equipped in all situations.

We know that it can be hard to keep up to date with what your workplace requires to meet your first aid needs. And the truth is, often people don’t realise what they need until there’s an emergency and they don’t have what they need.

We can ensure that you have exactly what you need, when you need it. And not only that, we can restock your kits on a regular basis to ensure that your workplace is safe.

Don’t wait until you have an emergency, give our team a call and see what we can do for your workplace.

First aid kits

Kits contain essential items to treat a range of injuries and are suitable for high and low-risk workplaces.

Defibs save lives

We can fit & maintain a defib for your workplace. Don’t let your workplace be a statistic.

Experts in our field

You can trust that we will keep your workplace safe. We are experts in our field & love what we do!

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Is your workplace up to date?

It is crucial for all workplaces to have available and up-to-date first aid supplies. We can provide you with an on-site kit restocking service to:

  • Ensure the kits are in good order and labelling is adequate
  • Restock first aid items as per the standards, and help you identify commonly used items
  • Service your defibrillator, ensuring it is in working order and the battery is in good condition
  • Update the servicing card, highlighting the last and next due service dates.

Partner with us.

The size of your workplace or organisation, the number of employees and the nature of your work will help determine what first aid kits and products are right for you, and how many you should have. Let us partner with you to find the right supplies and equipment for your workplace or organisation.

Our services.

Kit maintenance

We can ensure that your workplace first aid kits are clean and fully stocked.

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First aid rooms

We can set up first aid rooms in your workplace with items including stretchers, eye wash stations, spill kits and more.

Signs & resources

We supply standardised, clear signs to identify the location of first aid facilities and equipment, as well as first aid information sheets.