First aid in schools

Empowering children with the skills to be able to administer vital first aid in an emergency is the best decision you can make as a parent and care provider.

Teaching crucial skills at an early stage of life.

Children are frequently the first at the scene of an incident, and are often required to act when no adult is available to assist.

With research showing that children from six to seven years old are able to perform first aid, learn CPR, and place an emergency call, it seems logical that our children are trained in basic first aid.

First Aid in Schools is offered in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and the Gold Coast.

Reach every child

We believe that every child should have an understanding of emergency first aid.

Engaging staff

Our team are passionate about teaching children important life skills.

FREE app

Training is accompanied by a FREE app that can be used long after training is complete.


Free first aid in schools

Our mission is to build generational resilience by offering every primary school student the opportunity to be taught the basics of first aid and resuscitation – at no cost.

The curriculum has been divided into age-appropriate modules:

  • Module 1: Prep – Grade 2 (5-8 years): Looking for danger, sending for help, personal safety, knowing your location and recognising paramedics
  • Module 2: Grade 3 & 4 (8-10 years): learning the DRSABCD steps of the Action Plan and the Recovery Position practical for unconscious and breathing people
  • Module 3: Grade 5 & 6 (10 – 12 years): learning the DRSABCD steps of the Action Plan, the Recovery Position and CPR practicals

We aspire to reach every child in Queensland

The First Aid in Schools program is delivered by dedicated, highly-trained volunteer educators.

The feedback we’ve received from the children and schools so far is very positive, and validation that we are meeting a very worthwhile community need.

Sponsorships, donation, volunteering and fundraising are all key to this program’s success. Your contribution helps in the following ways:

  • $10 will train one child
  •  $300 will sponsor a class
  •  $5000 will support a primary school of 500 students

Every donation makes a difference, regardless of size.

Donate now


Kids playing video games on smart phone after school

First action hero!

Help save an unconscious patient with the St John Ambulance Australia DRSABC action plan until the ambulance arrives!

St John Ambulance Australia designed this app so children aged 5+ can learn the fundamentals of first aid in a gamified experience. This free application is designed to teach children and reinforce first aid fundamentals from the First Aid in Schools Program through an engaging and enjoyable delivery method.

Download on Apple App store or Google Play store.


“St John’s First Aid in Schools is a wonderful program that is interactive, well planned and well delivered. The age appropriate content is easy to learn for students as young as Prep all the way through to Grade 6.”

Tracey Beaton - - Coolum Beach Christian College