AED HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P semi-auto



Extremely lightweight, small and easy to use, this public access device (PAD) can deliver the first shock in just 10 seconds. Features a semi-automatic operational cycle and visual step-by-step instructions for greater control during emergency events.



The Samaritan PAD 350P is designed especially for use in public areas. Lightweight and easy-to-operate, the semi-automatic defibrillator is suitable for both adult and child use.

Easy two-button operation

Operating this device is as easy as pressing two buttons: ON/OFF and SHOCK. Even minimally trained users can have confidence using the device thanks to the visual illustrated guide to the CPR process and an illustrated pad placement guide.

Ready in under 10 seconds

The first shock can be delivered in 10 seconds if needed. Energy output is pre-programmed to escalate, providing shocks at 150J, 150J then 200J (adults).

Suitable for children

The PAD’s built-in intelligence and unique Pad-Pak ensures the appropriate and safe energy level is delivered for children.

Always ready

A System Status Ready Indicator flashes to show that the complete system is operational and ready for use. The device automatically runs self-checks each week to ensure it is ready on demand.

Highly durable

The PAD comes with the highest level of dust and moisture protection (IP56), making it the ideal device for public areas and workplaces. It resists shock and vibration and comes with a shock-proof carry case free of charge