Aed Heartstart First Aid HS1

SKU: M5067A


Designed for use by anyone, the Philips HeartStart First Aid HS1 gives you the confidence that you can save a life before help arrives.



The Heart Start HS1 First Aid Defibrillator uses calm voice instructions and visual guidelines to coach the user through the treatment of cardiac arrest, even if they have never received defibrillator training. Intelligent sensors detect the exact step the user is on and adapts instructions to the pace of the user, so not to overwhelm, rush ahead or slow them down. That’s why the Philips HeartStart HS1 is the first choice for first aid globally.

Fast to learn

Easy to set up and operate, the Heart Start HS1 is designed so that a first aider with minimal training can potentially save the life of a co-worker, friend or member of the public. Calming natural voice instructions coach the rescuer step by step through first aid CPR and defibrillation.

Perfect for training

The Heart Start HS1 can easily be converted into a full function training unit. The device can be used with training pads, so there’s no need to purchase a separate training unit.

Always ready

Automatic self-tests check all the device’s vital functions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, so the HeartStart is always ready in an emergency. The AED battery is easy to snap in and out.

Powerful therapy

HeartStart uses smart analysis to develop the most powerful therapy in as little as 8 seconds from the end of CPR. It automatically assesses the victim’s heart rhythm and will only deliver therapy if the rhythm is determined to be shockable, even if the shock button is pressed.