Thermometers- Infrared forehead Type A

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This thermometer can be used by an adult to measure the temperature via ear canal or forehead. Suitable for adults, children and babies.

Use the tricolour backlight to measure temperature by non contact to the forehead (Between 1-3cm away). Receive the result in 2 seconds.

Tricolour Measurement:
Green Up to 37.5c (99.5F)
Orange From 37.5c (99.5F) to 38.0c (100.4F)
Red From 38.0 (100.4F) upwards

Fever alarm

Memory: Can record up to 32 previous results

Includes Thermometer, 2 x AAA batteries, instruction manual and certification

Working and storage environment:
store and use in temperate environments 10-40C. Humidity < 85%

Measuring Clinical Precision is no more than +0.2°C