Kettle Tipper

SKU: DLK276600




  • For people with reduced physical strength, poor grip or a disability, the task of pouring a kettle full of boiling water can not only be challenging and strenuous but also dangerous.
  • To ensure safety while using a kettle, Aidacare provides a range of high-quality kettle tippers.
  • Kettle tippers are special devices that make the act of pouring a kettle easier.
  • They feature a raised tilting platform, which can work with any standard kettle to minimise the effort required to pour and reduce the risk of spills.
  • By eliminating the need to lift a heavy kettle full of hot water, a kettle tipper can increase both safety and independence.
  • For refills, a kettle can be left in the tipper and filled using a small jug.