Heartstart HS1 Adult Pads

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Getting your AED ready for rescue is easy with the HeartStart Defibrillator Pads. They are packaged in a convenient cartridge that is easily clipped in to place when it is time to replace the pads.

The cartridge contains two easy to use adhesive pads with clearly printed diagrams to show rescuers where to correctly place the pads.

Best of all, the SMART pads have sensors that indicate when the pads have been placed correctly, so the device can provide feedback to the rescuer and improve the chances of a positive outcome.

The adult pads are appropriate for cardiac arrest victims who are 8 years and older, or weighing above 25kg.

Compatible with the Philips HeartStart OnSite, Home and HS1 AED.


• Contains one pair of electrodes for adults
• 2-year shelf life
• Single-use only