Defibrillator Cabinet Outdoor Curved Red Floor Stand

SKU: 353870




St John Ambulance branded, floor standing AED (Automated External Defibrillator) cabinet is made of galvanised steel specifically designed for the outdoors. The rubber flange around the edge of door ensure the elements don’t damage your equipment.

The unit has four holes at the back of the cabinet to attach to a wall, if required to be free standing, install the supplied plugs to block the holes.

This cabinet and complementing stand of galvanised steel are bolted together to ensure stability and security. The stand also includes predrilled holes for securing to the floor.

The distinctive curved shape and bright red colour makes it easy to find and with Australian emergency phone numbers on the door. The keys can be duplicated to give the relevant people access to the equipment inside.

Add a First Aid and AED signage to direct your staff or the public in times of emergency.


1.4m x 42 x 36 cm (base of stand)


31 Kilos *

*Ensure that OHS protocols for handling heavy items are followed.