CR2 Replacement Pads (Adult & Infant compatible)

SKU: 11101-000021


Save valuable time in an emergency with LIFEPAK CR2 replacement electrodes suitable for both adult and infant use.



Keep Lifepak CR2 replacement electrode pads as a spare or to replace pads that have been used.

These electrode pads can be used to provide both standard adult and lower energy infant/child treatment.

Unlike other AED brands, the dual use electrodes do not need to be used with a paediatric key. For ease, the patient mode switch on the defibrillator changes the treatment level.

When you need to replace the electrodes, simply pre-connect them to the AED for rapid use in an emergency.


• Compatible with Lifepak CR2 defibrillators
• Supplied together in a sealed pack
• Come with a 4-year lifespan
• Can be pre-connected to the defibrillator for quick use
• Suitable for both adult and paediatric treatment