Car Safety First Aid Kit 600203

SKU: 600203




In a motor vehicle accident you only have minutes to act. The Car Safety Kit has high quality first aid items to treat injuries common to motor vehicles, and useful safety items to ensure you are safe on the road whenever and wherever first aid is needed.


  • Highly reflective (day/night)
  • Safety triangle and Safety vest ensures driver safety should there be a need to stop.
  • It also consists of super strong Velcro on 2 sides of the outer bag.


  • This First Aid Kit will appeal to the commercial and domestic markets.
  • Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG-194076

Size: 45 x 16.5 x8cm
Weight: 1.46kg

The kit provides assistance with:

  • Wounds, Grazes, Abrasions, Scratches, Cuts, Splinters, Punctures, Amputation
  • Strains, Sprains, Tears, Bruises, Dislocations, Fractures
  • Eye Injury
  • Exposure to Cold or Heat


1 x 1010 Bandage Conforming 5cm
1 x 1128 Tape surgical 2.5cm x 9m
1 x 1181 Bandage Triangular 110cm x 110cm
1 x 2091 Wound Dressing No. 15
2 x 2130 Non-adherent Dressing 10cm x 10cm
2 x 2170 Eye Pad
1 x 2230 Adhesive Strips  50 Pack
1 x 3130 Safety Pins 12 Pack (Assorted)
1 x 3010 Scissors Medical 12.5cm S/S Sharp/Blunt
1 x 305402L Gloves Nitrile Large Pair (Disposable)
1 x 3080 Accident Emergency Blanket
1 x 3140 Notepad & Pencil
1 x 3218 First Aid Quick Reference guide
1 x 331324 Safety Vest High Visibility
1 x 353802 Face Shield CPR (with valve)
1 x 4070 Bag Resealable Small 10cm x 18cm
1 x 4080 Bag Resealable Medium 15cm x 23cm
2 x 505415 Cleansing Wipes
1 x Safety Triangle

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