Bag Laundry Dissolvo Red 71x911mm

SKU: 2290806




Whether handling linen, clothing or instruments, it is vital to eliminate the risk of cross infection to staff and patients. The Filterfab range of Dissolvos help meet duty of care guidelines by ensuring the safe isolation, transportation and disinfection of foul and infected linen. The Dissolvo Sack is a soluble membrane laundry bag, with the added protection of an overlapped slit protecting the membrane from contact with damp linen inside the bag. The filled Dissolvo Sack is sealed with its cold water soluble tie tape ready for transfer to the laundry. Bags are then placed unopened into the washer.

During the initial wash the soluble membrane dissolves along with the tie tape, releasing the contents of the bag for processing. At the end of the wash cycle the linen is removed for drying and the Dissolvo Sack now a clean disinfected sheet of film is removed and discarded. The Dissolvo Sack is ideal for nursing and residential homes, and suitable for hot and cold washes.