Empowering humanity as a certified social enterprise

News from St John - 12 Feb 2024

In today’s socially conscious world, businesses that prioritise community impact are gaining recognition and admiration.

St John Ambulance Queensland has proudly held the title of a certified social enterprise for almost a year, demonstrating its commitment to making a positive difference in society.

Accredited nationally by Social Traders, St John Ambulance Queensland stands as a shining example of how organisations can combine business success with social responsibility.

The significance of being a social enterprise in the modern world and its benefits in supporting and doing business is explained below.

What it means to be a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is an organisation that addresses social or environmental issues through its business operations while reinvesting many of its profits back into achieving its social mission.

By meeting the rigorous criteria set by Social Traders, Australia’s national certification body, St John Ambulance Queensland has demonstrated its positive and sustainable impact in the communities it serves across regional Queensland and Brisbane through its training, products, and humanitarian programs.

Alex Hooke from Social Traders says the process to become a social enterprise is a rigorous one and that businesses must have a defined primary social, cultural, or environmental purpose.

“These businesses must also derive a substantial portion of their income from trade, and prioritise public or community benefit over private benefit,” he says.

“It’s obvious the sector is growing in Australia, with over 12,000 social enterprises contributing $21.3 billion to the economy. Additionally, social enterprises are proving that businesses can generate profit while making a positive impact”

“Certification as a social enterprise offers benefits such as external validation, increased credibility with investors, staff, and customers, easier articulation of purpose, access to a supportive community of certified social enterprises, and the ability to contribute impact data and stories to advocacy efforts for the sector, he says”.


Why do business with a social enterprise?

When individuals and businesses choose to support and do business with St John Ambulance Queensland, they directly contribute to the organisation’s mission of empowering communities and saving lives.

Every dollar spent with St John Ambulance Queensland goes towards providing essential first aid training, community support programs, and life-saving services, making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

As a certified social enterprise, St John Ambulance Queensland adheres to stringent ethical standards in its operations.

From fair employment practices to responsible sourcing, every aspect of the organisation’s business model is designed to promote social and environmental sustainability.

By supporting social enterprise certified businesses such as St John Ambulance Queensland, individuals and businesses align themselves with an organisation that values integrity and social responsibility.

Maintaining its certification requires St John Ambulance Queensland to undergo regular assessments and audits, ensuring ongoing accountability to its stakeholders.

This commitment to transparency makes St John Ambulance Queensland a trusted partner for individuals, businesses, and government agencies seeking to make a positive impact.

Our Future

According to Social Traders the number of certified social enterprises Australia-wide will increase from 570 to 2,000 by 2030.

The Federal Government has already shown support for social enterprises in the ‘Working Future’ white paper.

They say the aim is to drive reforms in business and government procurement, scaling and embedding social enterprise procurement nationally.

Social Enterprises are also tipped to unlock $5.5 billion in additional revenue in the next five years, creating more than 44,000 jobs for under-served Australians.

By choosing to do business with St John Ambulance Queensland, customers can have confidence in the organisation’s dedication to its social mission and are contributing to doing business differently by making a positive social impact.

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To find out more about what Social Traders do visit them here:  https://www.socialtraders.com.au/