Free First Aid training in schools

St John Ambulance Queensland First Aid in Schools program is an initiative developed and designed exclusively for primary school students that empowers children to deliver vital first aid in an emergency and help save lives.

We believe First Aid education should be accessible to everyone. Throughout 2023 we have delivered this free program to 35 schools, empowering almost 13,000 students with the skills to administer vital First Aid in an emergency.

The main goal of this program is to empower students with life-saving skills in First Aid and resuscitation.  The program engages students in interactive and age-appropriate fundamental First Aid activities and concepts led by qualified educators. The aim is to instil confidence in students to effectively handle emergency situations, contributing to building resilient and safety-conscious communities.

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Prep - Grade 2

How to stay calm, safe and sensible, how to look for danger, recognising big and small accidents, how to get help, how to call 000 and describing your location.

Grades 3 and 4

How to stay calm, learning DRSAB in the action plan, how to call an ambulance, how to roll somebody who is unconscious and breathing into the Recovery Position.

Grades 5 and 6

How to stay calm, learning DRSABC in the action plan, how to call an ambulance, how to roll somebody in the Recovery Position, how to perform CPR on an unconscious and not breathing patient.


Your support can save a life

The feedback we’ve received from the children and schools has been very positive, and is validation that we are meeting a very worthwhile community need. Sponsorships, donation, volunteering and fundraising are all key to this program’s success – your contribution can help save a life.


Learn with our free app

First Aid Action Hero is a free app for children aged 5+. This app was designed by St John Ambulance Australia to teach and reinforce first aid fundamentals from the First Aid in Schools Program through a fun and engaging gamified experience. It is available on The Apple App Store for any aspiring young hero!

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Booking First Aid in Schools

By choosing to host one of our First Aid in Schools programs, you are providing your students with the skills to administer first aid in an emergency.  Please read through the following information before requesting a booking. Contact us for more information.

Our First Aid in Schools program is provided at no cost to the school or parents.

Our First Aid in Schools program is managed by our team of experienced and highly trained professionals, who are passionate about empowering students with vital first aid skills.

Our First Aid in Schools program is hands on course where we provide first aid demonstrations and encourage student participation to help them learn. Our team will arrive at your nominated school address on the day. The course would ideally be held in a larger learning space, such as a school hall, however, we are also able to provide the training in a classroom space.

In addition to our team of qualified trainers, we ask that a teacher also be present during each session to assist.

We recommend students wear comfortable clothing (sports uniform, shorts or pants) for the session as the students will be encouraged to participate.

Request a booking

Once registered we will be in contact with you to confirm and finalise details.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

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