The St John Difference

News from St John - 27 Jul 2023

“What sets St John apart, is its unwavering commitment to excellence, and how they empower their students with life-saving skills to make a significant difference when it matters most”.

Paramedic Kimberley Lennon, a dedicated First Aid Trainer with St John since November 2022, has witnessed firsthand the transformative impact their courses have on countless individuals, whether they are new to St John or returning for advanced training.

Using Real-Life Experience for Enhanced Learning

“I understand the paramount importance of practical knowledge in emergency situations and leverage my extensive experiences to improve the learning process for my students,” says Kimberley.

“For example, when teaching about anaphylaxis, I delve into the mechanics of adrenaline, the dynamics of the condition, and the treatments administered by paramedics. This approach not only helps students understand the ‘why’ behind their actions but also instils confidence in their abilities to act decisively during critical moments.”

The SJx Advantage: Tailored Training for All

St John’s SJx training courses provide a revolutionary teaching methodology that caters to different learning methods—visual, verbal, sound, and practical—ensuring every student receives a comprehensive learning experience tailored to their unique preferences and needs.

The streamlined delivery of content across all trainers in Queensland guarantees uniformity and consistency of information.

Experiences Showcasing the St John Queensland Difference.

Kimberley says the St John’s First Aid courses have earned overwhelming praise from participants who found the knowledge imparted by the organisation invaluable.

Many students express gaining more practical insights to deal with emergency situations from a St John course compared to other training programs.

This resounding sentiment is a testament to the effectiveness of their training methods and the dedication displayed by their First Aid Trainers.

A Real-Life Impact: Saving lives Thanks to St John Queensland Training.

The organisation routinely gets extremely positive feedback but recently it received heartfelt feedback from a current student who put her St John training into action during a critical situation.

The student tells us “An elderly gentleman passed out while driving on a busy road, I  knew exactly what to do thanks to my St John training.

I was able to promptly assess responsiveness and asking the right questions when the person regained consciousness, I confidently handled the situation while ensuring the safety of everyone involved and seeking immediate help”

This powerful incident reaffirms the vital significance of St John’s training and the lasting impression First Aid leaves on their students.

Why Choose St John?

St John Queensland takes immense pride in their unwavering commitment to provide exceptional training that goes beyond theoretical knowledge by utilising skills of our First Aid trainers, many of whom are paramedics.

By capitalising on real-life experiences, adopting innovative teaching methods like SJx, and witnessing inspiring stories of lives saved, they continue to strive for excellence as an organisation dedicated to saving lives.