What is SJx?

An interactive and time-efficient First Aid training solution, delivered in-person, that doesn’t compromise on quality or outcomes.

Designed for busy people and workplaces SJx uses world-leading immersive technology to deliver a high-quality training experience in a reduced amount of time. Resulting in:

  • Improved participant outcomes
  • Access to consistent and standardised testing
  • An engaging, interactive experience
  • Improved ability to recall training in a real-life emergency situation
  • The peace of mind that your training is with St John Ambulance
  • Efficient training delivery without compromising on learning quality
  • Delivered in half the time
Assessments completed on mobile device

Bring Your Own Device: All assessments can be performed on your own device eliminating paper and improving accuracy.

Assessment as you GO: Assessment questions are completed throughout the course.

Immersive Videos: Training content is explained and then demonstrated using situational REAL-WORLD scenarios improving recall and embedding skills to use decisively and confidently in emergency situations.

Delivery Mode & Duration


4-Hour – Mandatory e-Learning

This is a half-day face-to-face course.

Participants must undertake an online e-Learning module before attending the face-to-face course for practice and assessments*

*Failure to complete the mandatory e-Learning module will result in:

  • the participant being turned away and required to reschedule the training,
  • the full course fee being forfeited, and
  • additional fees and charges will apply for rescheduling

1 Day – No e-Learning

This is a full-day face-to-face course.


2-Hour – No e-Learning

This is a 2-hour face-to-face course.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to bring a fully charged smart device* (mobile phone or tablet), your confirmation letter as well as some form of identification (photo ID).

Please bring your own lunch, as this is not provided. Most venues are within walking distance of cafes.

*Laptops are NOT an acceptable smart device

Not to worry, we will have charging stations available for you to use in the classroom.

Most St John venues will have ‘Guest’ wifi for you to use.

Whoops – you might be in a little bit of a pickle! We may have spare devices for you to use however, this is dependent on how many others also forget their device.

Unfortunately not. Each attending participant will be provided a unique login to complete their assessments. Each attending participant MUST have their own smart device* (mobile phone or tablet).

*Laptops are NOT an acceptable smart device

Very minimal – the amount of data used in a 1-Day Provide First Aid course is equivalent to scrolling on Facebook for 5 minutes!

Our ‘Traditional’ delivery incorporates trainer delivery and the use of PowerPoints. Whilst we still love this delivery, we’ve decided to modernise our training delivery to incorporate world-leading immersive technology, to deliver a high-quality training experience in a reduced amount of time – SJx.

If you’ve attended one of our ‘Traditional’ offerings, we promise you’re going to LOVE SJx!

Our trainers will still be delivering the training as they have always done – the videos are to enhance your training!

Unfortunately not. The Provide First Aid course was developed to incorporate both the CPR and First Aid assessments.

Unfortunately not. If you cannot complete your e-Learning for any reason, you will be required to reschedule your training for a later date*

*Additional fees and charges may apply

No you won’t, on completion of your e-Learning the web browser will advise of completion, and the results will be recorded in our system.


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