Would you know what to do?

If someone became suddenly ill or was injured in your workplace, would your employees know what to do?

Any one of the 33,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrests that occur in Australia per year could happen in your place of regular employment, and the first 3-5 minutes hold the key to survival. A combination of CPR and the use of an AED can more than double a patient’s chances of survival.

Organisations need to have systems in place that ensure a safe place to work.

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Safe workplace requirements.

  • An appropriate number of staff or members trained in first aid for the size and risk level of your organisation
  • Adequate first aid equipment, supplies and facilities and ensuring that people know how to correctly use this equipment
  • The right processes in place to deal with an emergency.

We can help you to meet these requirements.

Workplace health & safety services

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Manual handling training

We can come to your workplace and conduct a 2-hour training session on manual handling for groups of up to 15 workers.