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Adjunct Associate Professor Glen Morrison OStJ, MACPara, MBA

Glen is a strategically focused, insightful, and relentlessly driven Executive with a proven track record of success in driving clinical service excellence, leadership and research in delivering quality patient-centred health care and business outcomes. Glen has a broad background in healthcare leadership commencing from his association with St John Ambulance as a Cadet in helping to define his career as a Registered Paramedic. Throughout his career, Glen has worked in a variety of ranging roles including as part of the Queensland Health Executive team for the successful rollout of the COVID-19 Vaccine to Queenslanders.

Glen is also a non-executive director for the Queensland Ambulance Service Legacy Scheme and the Kenneth James McPherson Education & Research Foundation.

Glen was the Interim Chief Executive Officer for St John Ambulance Queensland for part of 2022-2023.

Glen is currently the Group Chief Operating Officer for a Brisbane-based business that specialises in the creation and marketing of various products within the tech space.