Benjamin Lynch JP (Qual)

General Manager Corporate Services

0499 499 260

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0499 499 260

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Ben has been with St John Ambulance Queensland for 12 years. He first joined our organisation as a volunteer First Aider in 2012 before being employed as the Event Health Services Logistics Coordinator in 2014.

Over time Ben has worked across multiple St John Ambulance (QLD) business streams and has built a successful career ensuring delivery of needed support services based on specialised knowledge, best practices, and technology to serve our internal and external stakeholders, and business partners.

Ben has provided extensive experience in service delivery, compliance, and corporate services management with demonstrated excellence in leadership and governance,

Ben continues to maintain his involvement as an active volunteer, including as a Social Support volunteer and a member of the St John Ambulance Historical Society of Queensland. Ben also plays an integral role in the delivery of our Excellence Awards and Investiture Ceremonies each year.