Watch Out for Snakes

News from St John - 15 Feb 2024

As the rainy season continues and temperatures remain high, snakes are settling in and thriving, thanks to an abundance of food such as rats, frogs, and mice.

Mick Bender, an expert from Wildlife Unleashed, confirms that this surge in food abundance and energy has made snakes more active and likely to venture into human habitats.

Mick says: “Understandably, people are concerned and seeking advice on how to prevent a snake encounter”.

“Snakes are often feared due to their perceived danger, but they want nothing to do with humans,” he says.

Mick shares an extraordinary incident in the Moreton Bay area recently, where a Red Bellied Black Snake was found in the curtain rods of a house in Bellmere.

“This unusual incident highlights the climbing abilities of snakes. This snake had entered through the doggy door and was desperately trying to find its way out.”

“The influx of calls for snake removal assistance further emphasizes why the need for education and awareness is so important,” he says.

“Snake bite first aid is a crucial skill that every Queenslander should possess. With over 30 snake species in the southeast Queensland region alone, it is imperative to be prepared.”

“Snake bite kits should be considered a necessity. These kits, designed specifically for snake bite emergencies, should be easily accessible and always carried,” he says.

Mick says it’s important to educate yourself about snakes, their behaviour, and how to prevent encounters.

He says it’s important to remember, snakes are part of our natural environment, and with the right knowledge and preparedness, humans and snakes can coexist peacefully.

St John Ambulance Queensland offers world-class training on how to properly treat and manage snake bites, in addition to offering its unique Snake Bite First Aid Kit (pictured)

The Snake Bite Kits are available online and will also be at the Moreton Bay Caravan and Camping Expo on at the Redcliffe Showgrounds, Friday February 16, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th. See you there!

*Main picture Mick Bender from @wildlifeunleashed who will also be at the expo this weekend