Meet our volunteer of 26 years, Jai Pobar

News from St John - 17 Nov 2023

In honour of World Kindness Day this week we are profiling one of our incredible Health and Medical Services volunteers, Jai Pobar.

We sat down with him to talk about the power of Volunteering and why he does what he does.

“For 26 years, St John Ambulance Queensland has been more than just an organisation to me; it’s a tight-knit family united by a common purpose—to serve humanity.

I get asked often, “Why do I do this?” My response is simple, I enjoy helping people. Whether it’s providing medical aid, offering training, or even assisting someone moving in their lounge, it’s what I do and the small things that count, bring me immense joy.

The organisation has been where I’ve found some of my closest friends, and where we are so close that every event often feels like a family reunion.

It is this camaraderie that we share is unparalleled to anything else I’ve done in my life. And for me and others it’s this sense of belonging and kinship is what keeps me coming back.

The essence of St. John lies not just in the events we cover or the aid we provide but also in the continuous learning and personal development it offers. Each day brings a new opportunity to grow, both professionally and personally. Being a part of this organisation isn’t just about local community service; it’s about contributing to a global network dedicated to the service of humanity, “For the Faith and in the Service of Humanity.”

There have been many remarkable moments—from being at the forefront of a KISS concert to offering medical support at the Mt. Isa Rodeo. It’s been so diverse.Yet, the most memorable was when a fellow volunteer and dear friend suffered a sudden medical emergency at an event. In that critical moment, the skills I had acquired through training and my nursing experience became vital. The privilege of being able to save a life reinforced the importance of the work we do.

For healthcare practitioners, it’s an excellent platform for continuous professional development. Even the smallest act, like applying a band-aid, holds immense significance for those we serve and despite our years as medical professionals, we are continually learning from those we treat.

I’d encourage anyone curious about St. John to come and experience it firsthand. Join us in making a difference in someone’s life—be it at a local community event or as part of global disaster response efforts. It’s not just about the skills or the service; it’s about the sense of fulfillment that comes from being there for others in their time of need. In the end, it’s about embracing humanity, one act of kindness at a time,” Jai Pobar.

Friends, Nurses and Volunteers Frazer (left hand side) and Jai (on the right hand side) at the Ekka, 2023.

By Volunteering for St John Queensland you are actively taking part in enhancing the lives of Queenslanders and their families. Join our diverse team to gain real life experiences, combat isolation, and make an impact on the local community all while having fun and making friends.

You can get involved in something very special by registering to be a Volunteer with St John Ambulance Queensland by clicking the link below: