Compassion and Trust in Australia’s Charitable Landscape

News from St John - 15 Mar 2024

A recent report has found St John Ambulance Queensland is one of Australia’s most reputable charities, a name synonymous with compassion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to public service.

As RepTrak’s 13th Annual Charity and Not for Profit reputation study reveals, St John Ambulance proudly holds its position at number 4.

The past year has been fraught with challenges, from economic strains to the ongoing global pandemic. Yet, amid these trials, St John Ambulance has stood firm, maintaining not only its reputation but also its vital role in providing essential first aid and medical services. As the study indicates, the demand for charitable assistance has surged, underscoring the critical need for organisations like St John Ambulance.

What sets St John apart is not just its ability to respond to emergencies but its deep-rooted connection to the communities it serves. Whether it’s providing first aid at public events, workplaces, or local gatherings, St John’s presence is felt as an integral part of the community fabric. This essential role underscores the organisation’s commitment to public safety and well-being.

For the team in Queensland named as one of Australia’s most trusted charities is not just an accolade but a reflection of their meaningful contribution to the community. It is a testament to the passion and commitment of the hundreds of volunteers and staff who embody the values of compassion and service each day.

In Queensland the organisation trains more than 25,000 people in First Aid each year, Our Eye Van provides world-class facilities to rural and remote communities to substantially reduce blindness among First Nations people with diabetes and offers services for the vulnerable and elderly population including transport and a telephone reassurance service.