Raising Awareness about Defibrillators and CPR

News from St John - 25 Oct 2023

Sudden cardiac arrest, one of the leading causes of death in Australia, claims the lives of countless Queenslanders every year.

Every day, 110 Australians experience a heart attack, and the impact on families and communities is immeasurable.

Lives are lost to cardiac arrest often because life-saving equipment is not readily available.

But this October, an initiative called ‘Shocktober’ by St John Ambulance Queensland aims to change the game.

The Heartbreaking Statistics

The current survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest in Australia stands at less than 5%.

Each passing minute without defibrillation decreases a patient’s chances of survival by an additional 10%.

Defibrillators are the unsung heroes in sudden cardiac arrest situations.

These remarkable devices are literally life savers and use electricity to restart the heart, increasing the odds of survival significantly.

Statistics gathered by St John Ambulance shows that when a defibrillator is combined with effective Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), a patient’s chance of survival increases.

This highlights the significance of immediate access to these life-saving tools. It’s a fact that can’t be ignored, and it’s time to educate and empower the community to make a difference.

Positive Signs in Queensland

According to the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), the survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Queensland is around 10-15%, a figure considered good considering Queensland’s geography and population density.

However, this number can be significantly improved, thanks to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

The QAS asserts that where an AED is present, outcomes are very significantly improved, even though the percentage may vary based on numerous factors.

This is where ‘Shocktober’ and St John Ambulance Queensland’s mission come into play.

A Mission to Save Lives

St John Ambulance Queensland’s Chief Executive Officer, Bill Lyon, is on a mission to ensure that defibrillators are accessible and well-understood in our community.

He believes that ordinary individuals can become extraordinary lifesavers with the right knowledge and equipment at hand.

Lyon says, “With the increased availability of defibrillators in public and workplaces, we believe every person should know how to use a defibrillator and perform CPR because in the critical moments of a cardiac emergency, ordinary individuals can become extraordinary lifesavers.”

Training enhances the community’s knowledge and skills to use defibrillators and administer CPR. With this experience, we hope to transform the current survival statistics and save more lives.

The life-saving initiative ‘Shocktober’ is a powerful reminder of the indispensable role that defibrillators play in significantly improving a patient’s chances of survival.

How You Can Help

St John Ambulance Queensland encourages all Queenslanders to consider purchasing a defibrillator and familiarising themselves with the expertise training offered by the organisation to help re-start a heart.

You can’t put a price on saving a life, and through this initiative, we can all be part of a community that’s ready to step up when it matters the most.

Click here to learn more about our CPR course and view course availability at a St John Ambulance Queensland training facility near you.

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