Making a difference – one defib at a time.

News from St John - 17 May 2021

Community Matters – Slacks Creek Rugby League Club

There is a special kind of feeling that comes from being able to help our community when they come across tough times. This happened recently when we were able to support the Slacks Creek Rugby League Club, and we were really grateful that we had the right people around to help at the right time.

But first, a little bit of a background…

Last year, the SCRLC were the recipients of a government grant that they put to wonderful use and purchased first aid supplies from St John. Whilst building their new, purpose built clubhouse, the club were keeping all of their supplies in a shed by the football fields, when one night, the shed was broken into and all of their first aid supplies, as well as really important training gear and other supplies.

Their club president, Phil reached out to Shayne from our product team to see if there was anything at all that we can do… and of course we did all we could.

We donated first aid supplies to get the club up and running and as a sign of gratitude, our St John logo is now prominently displayed on their League Safe shirts, and we have a billboard at the club. In addition to this, the club were the recipients of a St John defib after a national competition.

A couple of weeks ago, Darryl (our supply chain manager) and Shayne (Sales and Service Consultant) went out to present the club with their defib, and they were all so grateful. Darryl was even interviewed by Living in Logan for their news report (at 2:42).

Mick de Brenni (MP) (Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Minister for Public Works and Procurement) was at the presentation and had some wonderful words to say about St John, (including a personal experience at the football where a defib saved a life) and we were lucky enough to see the League Safe team in person.

The way that the team are identified is:

Yellow shirt – League safe – first responder will quickly access if the child is injured, or just winded, if the child requires medical attention. They call for a green/blue shirt.

Green shirt- League first aid, can provide first aid to juniors aged 6-12.

Blue shirt – Sports trainer level 1, can provide first aid to players aged 6 to opens, can also take warmups and warm downs and provide dietary advice.

Orange shirt – Sports trainer level 2, requirements – 100 hours at level 1, can do everything listed above, and provide strapping. (outranks all of the above).

We know that the defib and first aid supplies will help to keep the members of the Slacks Creek Rugby League Club safe into the future and we are so happy we were able to help.

This means that when attending Slacks Creek Rugby League that members, players and their families will feel alot safer than ever before, knowing that they now have a life saving device within the club. And that is honestly the best feeling in the world knowing you’ve been able to put a smile on so many faces  – Shayne Western – Sales and Service Consultant (St John)