Making A Difference In Queensland Schools

News from St John - 29 Nov 2023

Sophia is a young woman on a mission to make a difference.

The nursing and paramedical university student has volunteered for the St John Ambulance Queensland First Aid in Schools program for two years, and travels all over Queensland to teach primary school children.

Sophia says that after all this time volunteering, not only is she still learning but volunteering has given her so much more confidence in her university studies.

“One of the most fulfilling aspects of volunteering for First Aid in Schools is witnessing the transformative power of the knowledge we are teaching these enthusiastic young kids”.

“The opportunity to teach young people life-saving skills is such a privilege that resonates deeply. Empowering them with the ability to navigate emergency situations not only improves their confidence but also cultivates a sense of responsibility and preparedness”.

“The connections I have forged through St John Ambulance are as invaluable as the skills taught. The camaraderie among volunteers is inspiring. Each volunteer I have had the privilege to work with brings a unique background, fostering an environment filled with kindness, passion, and intriguing stories. Engaging with these individuals enriches the volunteering experience, creating bonds that extend beyond the classroom”.

“It is so inspiring to be able to witness the vibrant and curious nature of the children during these sessions. Their inquisitive minds often lead to fascinating discussions and some truly imaginative questions. Hearing their personal first aid stories underscore the impact of these teachings in their lives”.

A Day in the Life of a Volunteer.

Sophia describes a typical day as a volunteer with so much passion:

“Starting the day with scenic drives through picturesque landscapes en route to schools sets a serene tone, here I reflect on how wonderful it is to volunteer and teach what I know and love”.

“Collaborating with fellow volunteers, setting up the classroom with teaching aids, and engaging with different classes across primary school levels make each session unique”.

“Adapting teaching styles to suit the energy and responsiveness of each class is part of the challenge and the joy”.

“During breaks, we volunteers take time to recharge, and often like to find solace in nearby cafes. Additionally, the support system provided by St John Ambulance, like the encouraging texts from the Program Coordinator at the end of the day, adds a layer of reassurance and support”.

“The decision to volunteer for First Aid in Schools stemmed from a passion for working with children and a desire to integrate academic pursuits with practical, life-enhancing skills. Teaching CPR and DRSABCD not only aligns with academic interests but also imparts a sense of confidence in handling emergencies”.

“Witnessing a group of children willingly forgoing their lunch break to share their first aid stories and ask questions about CPR was a testament to the impact of the teachings and the genuine curiosity we helped evoke, and that’s why we do what we do,” Sophia says.

Why Volunteer?  

A major international study has found the beneficial effects of volunteering on health outcomes have been well documented.

According to the US research*, participation in voluntary services is significantly predictive of better mental and physical health, life satisfaction, self-esteem, happiness, lower depressive symptoms, psychological distress, and mortality and functional inability.

Sophia’s volunteering for First Aid in Schools with St John Ambulance Queensland is a testament to the power of community, knowledge, and compassion.

Our volunteers tell us it is not only impacting the lives of young learners but also enriches the volunteers’ own lives with purpose and fulfillment.

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