Restart a Heart (HMS) – With you for Life

News from St John, Videos - 26 Oct 2021

First Aid where you need it the most.

Our Health and Medical Services (HMS) team attend events all across the state, providing support and first aid services to our local and regional communities. Our team consists of doctors, registered paramedics, registered nurses, and advanced responders who are able to help with any incidents that may occur. Our multidisciplinary team enables us to be able to take event first aid to the next level and create a first aid plan that is comprehensive and achievable.

St John Ambulance Qld has a long history of engaging with community events, from the Ekka to, more recently, partnering with Queensland Health to deliver vaccinations in SE Qld.

We take pride in our ability to adapt and to be innovative in the way that we approach health and medical services, and we work with your event organisers to coordinate a thorough and seamless service, keeping your staff and attendees safe.

As part of our “With you for Life” series, we have highlighted the work that our HMS team do at events. While a good event is a quiet event, our HMS team have the skills to deal with even the worse situations.

Restart a Heart (HMS) – With you for Life – Video

“I am with St John because the organisation’s values align with my own. St John makes a difference in the community by providing first aid, support services and education to the wider community.” – Jacob – Health & Medical Services (HMS)