Children’s letters deliver smiles to older residents

Customer stories - 2 Nov 2020

Children have put their creativity to work to bring joy to aged care residents and seniors in Queensland during the coronavirus pandemic.

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has been very tough for our older generation. Many aged care facilities across Queensland closed their doors or implemented restrictions on visitors during the pandemic to protect the health and safety of residents.

Elsewhere, older people in the community, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions, were told to self-isolate and regular social activities were cancelled.

In a situation where the potential to feel lonely is already high, the pandemic made it even worse.

Sending smiles to aged care

To help people remain upbeat and feel connected in these tough times of COVID-19 social isolation, St John Qld started collecting children’s drawings and letters to send to aged care facilities and people who live alone in the wider community.

Children from the kindy class at Camelia Avenue Child Care Centre in Everton Hills regularly sent in their artworks and letters for St John Qld staff to deliver and let elderly residents know they are being thought of.

They’re just some of the many children who have been spending their time using an old-school method to spread joy to our older community.

“We’re had so much positive feedback from the residents in aged care facilities, and other isolated people, who have received these drawings and letters,” said Julie Norquay, General Manager of Community & Volunteer Services at St John Qld.

“It has put a smile on a lot of faces.”

Maisie Clark from Brisbane has given her drawing from Camelia Avenue Child Care pride of place in her room.

“I put the drawing up on my wall and look at it every day. It helps me feel less lonely,” Maisie said.

The program has shown how it’s often the smallest acts of kindness that can make a world of difference.

“A drawing or a letter can really lift a person’s spirits and bring so much joy. Some of the people that have received them have even written back to the children,” said Julie.

“It’s a wonderful way for younger and older generations to connect.”