A defib is NOT a set and forget!

First aid, News from St John - 29 Nov 2021

How long has it been since you’ve done maintenance on your defib?

It’s no secret that we believe 100% that every business, regardless of size should have a defib, at a bare minimum. Homes, vehicles, recreational vehicles etc should also consider carrying this life saving device.

But what happens once you’ve made the purchase? Defibs are not a set and forget item. They need regular maintenance in order to continue to keep them Rescue Ready.

In partnership with Zoll, St John Australia released two defibs earlier this year and have now released some ‘go to’ videos for how you can maintain these defibs.

St John G3 & G5 battery replacement

St John G3 defib – How to change pads / How to change the battery

St John G5 defib – How to change pads / How to change the battery

To give you peace of mind, at St John Qld, we are able to come to where your defib is and service and maintain it for you. If this is of interest, contact our team.

“You can trust that a defibrillator, such as the G5 and G3, from St John Qld will give you peace of mind in an emergency” – Darryl Stewart – Supply Chain Manager