A decade of dedication with St John Ambulance 

News from St John - 23 May 2024


As we celebrate National Volunteers Week, we shine a spotlight on one of our extraordinary volunteers, Jamie.  

He has committed a decade of service across three states—New South Wales, Western Australia, and more recently in Queensland—where he’s spent the past year working with our Event Health Services team. 

In Queensland, Jamie has participated in significant events such as the Ekka and the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and Parade. He says these events hold a special place in Jamie’s heart, especially ANZAC Day.  

“The sheer number of volunteers who come together on ANZAC Day is a testament to our service to humanity and the highest regard we hold for returned service personnel. It’s moments like these that are truly special.” 

As a Hospital General Manager and Director of Nursing, Jamie was also keen to engage with volunteers at the recent innovations forums to hear about what is working and what the future might hold for the organisation.  

“In 22 years in healthcare I have learnt that bottom-up built initiatives rarely fail and are often more calibrated to the things that truly make a difference compared with top-down initiatives,” he says. 

For Jamie, volunteering is a profound experience that brings a sense of humility and deep connection with the community. “Paying it forward is incredibly rewarding,” Jamie says.   

As an Adjunct Associate Professor at Two Australian universities Jamie believes that “Guiding student healthcare professionals towards successful integration in the health sector and watching them grow into successful careers is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work.” 

Jamie is particularly proud of the volunteers he has trained over the years, many of whom have gone on to achieve remarkable success in their healthcare careers.  

“Knowing that volunteers have the right nature for healthcare is reassuring. Despite people being time-poor in today’s world, it’s heartening to see that a sense of duty still drives them to contribute.” 

Jamie’s values align perfectly with those of the organisation. “I love that our service is local, but our connection is global, it’s about making a difference in our communities while being part of something much larger.”  

Jamie also emphasizes the importance of having the heart to serve, even if time is limited. “You don’t need to have all the time in the world, just the heart to make a difference.” 

 Jamie’s decade-long journey with St John Ambulance Queensland is a powerful reminder of how volunteering not only enriches the lives of those being helped but also profoundly transforms the lives of the volunteers themselves.