Your gift can help save a life

If you are considering leaving St John QLD a gift in your will, we thank you most sincerely. Of course, we expect that your loved ones come first, but after that, if you can leave even a small gift for St John, we will be tremendously grateful.

Your contribution to St John Ambulance QLD allows us to continue to grow our community programs and make a greater impact. You can make a gift in your will in several ways. The most common forms are described below. If you have any questions, our friendly team are here to help.

Ideas for bequests

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Share your estate

Also known as a residuary gift: the residue of your estate is what remains of the estate once all your loved ones and charges have been paid. A residuary gift could be a percentage or the whole of the residue of your estate.

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Fixed sum of money

Also known as a pecuniary gift: This is where you leave an exact sum of money to us. Of course, the value of this will decrease over time with inflation.

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A specific gift

You may wish to leave us a particular item (known as a specific bequest), which can be sold to support our work. It could be property or an item of value such as real estate, art or a piece of jewellery.

Download our information pack

St John Ambulance Queensland Bequest Pack gives you an overview about what we do and explains how you can support by leaving a donation final gift will make a difference for generations to come. Download it through the link below.

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and consideration in leaving a gift in your Will to St John Ambulance Queensland.