Understanding your workplace needs

Keeping you and your team safe at work.

First aid in the workplace.

Many businesses aren’t sure what they really need when it comes to first aid in the workplace. And that’s where we can help. We have years of experience, and a whole lot of expertise, to support your team to stay safe at work.

We can conduct a review of your workplace and provide you with a report and recommendations on your first aid needs.

Workplace assessments

We will come to your workplace & help you to find the best solutions for your first aid.

Experts in our field

You can trust that we will keep your workplace safe. We are experts in our field & love what we do!

Reduce workplace injury

We offer a holistic service, providing solutions for your teams physical & mental health.

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Save your workplace from:

  • Increased risk of legal action
  • Workplace cover premiums
  • Staff members needing recovery time off
  • Workplace disruptions
  • Staff dissatisfaction, and a sense of not having their health & safety valued.
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“The drivers in Community Services are passionate about their jobs and treat every client with the highest dignity and respect. All clients are welcome and assisted by the drivers uniquely and compassionately.” -

Deb - St John Ambulance Qld Community Transport Driver