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St John Ambulance QLD is passionate about helping you keep up todate with your first aid needs, whether it be at the workplace or at home. We want to help you stay equipped in all situations. Don’t wait until you have an emergency – stock up with our range of industry-leading products.

Our restocking service helps you to
stay up to date

It is crucial for all workplaces to have available and up-to-date first aid supplies. We can provide you with an on-site kit restocking service to do the following. Read about the service here, or contact us for more information.

Check and restock first aid kits

We ensure your kits are in good order and the labelling is adequate, help to identify commonly used items, and restock first aid items as per the standards.

Service defibrillators

We service your defibrillator, ensuring it is in working order and the battery is in good condition

Maintain service records

We update your servicing cards, highlighting the last and next due service dates

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"At St John Qld, we believe that safety in the workplace should be a priority. From first aid kits, to defibs and everything in between, we can make sure that your workplace is safe, and give you peace of mind".

Darryl - Supply Chain Manager - St John Qld