2. Zoll Plus Cabinet Bundle


Featuring the first automated external defibrillator with Real CPR Help, the ZOLL Plus Bracket Bundle comes with everything you need to set up your workplace, venue or sports club for a sudden cardiac emergency.

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This bundle includes:

• St John AED cabinet
• 3D sign
• DRSABCD sign

ZOLL Plus Defibrillator

Featuring a unique one-piece ‘Z’ shaped electrode pad with a CPR assistance tool and clear voice and visual prompts, even minimally trained users can have confidence through the rescue process with the ZOLL AED Plus. Real CPR Help technology and feedback on CPR compression rate and depth allows rescuers to know when they are providing effective chest compressions.


• High visibility – stands out with a bright green outer shell
• Real CPR Help technology and feedback on CPR compression rate and depth
• Made to last with a 5-year battery and pad life
• Can be used in tough environment – resistant to dust and water jets
• Backed by a 7-year limited warranty.

St John AED cabinet

Securely store your defibrillator in its case for easy access in our steel AED cabinet. When the door is opened, the battery-operated alarm and red light are activated.
Dimensions 44x44x22cm

3D sign for AED

Make it easy to see where the defibrillator is located with this highly visible 90-degree AED metal sign.

DRSABCD poster

Provide a guide to CPR, resuscitation and basic first aid procedures with this DRSABCD poster.