A Zoll 3 Cabinet Bundle


This ZOLL 3 Cabinet Bundle is designed to make it easy to set up your workplace, venue or sports club with a life-saving Automated External Defibrillator (AED), featuring the ZOLL 3 AED, a secure wall cabinet and instructional signage.

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This bundle includes:
• St John AED cabinet
• 3D sign
• DRSABCD sign

ZOLL 3 Defibrillator

Developed with the minimally trained user in mind, ZOLL’s AED 3 Fully Automatic with touch screen technology provides all the help trained and untrained responders need in an emergency situation to help deliver a successful rescue. The ZOLL AED 3 builds on the simplicity, reliability and functionality of Zoll’s range of defibrillators with pre-connected Unipadz suitable for adult and paediatric patients, an 8-second delivery shock and Real CPR Help technology.

• Pre-connected pads suitable for adults and children
• 8-second delivery shock
• Real CPR Help technology
• Touchscreen with Adult/Child button
• 5-year battery life on standby
• 8-year warranty

St John AED cabinet

Securely store your defibrillator in its case for easy access in our steel AED cabinet. When the door is opened, the battery-operated alarm and red light are activated.
Dimensions 44x44x22cm

3D sign for AED

Make it easy to see where the defibrillator is located with this highly visible 90-degree AED metal sign.

DRSABCD poster

Provide a guide to CPR, resuscitation and basic first aid procedures with this DRSABCD poster.