LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Fully-Automatic


This device has inbuilt CPR coaching, clear audible instructions, simple graphics and automated features. Switch to child mode at the push of a button for reduced energy and CPR guidance for patients aged 8 or under.

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The LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Fully Automatic defibrillator offers guaranteed performance when you need it most, thanks to the comprehensive AED Management Software – LIFELINKcentral.

Ready to save lives

LIFELINKcentral provides the user with the ability to monitor every CR2 that is connected to the software via Wi-Fi. The software generates reports and automatically alerts the user if any of the connected AEDs are not ready, e.g. battery is not charged.

The LIFEPAK CR2 automatically conducts daily, weekly and monthly self-checks, with additional checks when the device is switched on for guaranteed performance every time.

Easy to use

The CR2 is designed to ensure even minimally trained responders can use the AED in emergency situations. It features audible metronome and CPR coaching guides to guide users during emergency situations, plus easy to follow visual instructions.

Shock ready

Operation is fully automatic once defibrillator pads are attached, with built-in safety protocols to shock only if the patient needs. Unique cprINSIGHT technology analyses the patient for a shockable rhythm during a compression cycle.

Comes with an industry leading 8-year warranty on the AED.