Life Line Aed Semi-Auto 5Yrs


A simple and intuitive design means even responders without training can save a life. Features a two-button interface, clear, calm vocal prompts and brightly lit progress display, with a 5-year battery pack.



The Lifeline Semi AED is easy to use with only two buttons and a 5-year battery pack.

Easy to find

A bright yellow and black design means the device can be found easily in an emergency. The “Power On” and “Shock” buttons are oversized and brightly lit so nervous fingers can hit the mark.

Speed and simplicity

Built to the high standards of professional emergency personnel, the device is simple enough for non-medical users to operate in a life-saving situation. A sure-grip rubberised handle makes it quick to pull off the wall and carry to the patient, and electrode pads are tucked in a back pocket ready to use.

Real-time instructions

Extensive voice prompts guide rescuers through both operation of the unit and CPR. The device also automatically evaluates to ensure proper pad contact, monitors signal quality and analyses patient ECG for shockable/ non-shockable rhythms.

Data capture

The rescue event data is then recorded and can be downloaded to a removable data card.

Backed by an 8-year warranty.