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Judy is MBA-qualified, with a track record of over 25 years in leading teams to develop award-winning marketing campaigns to build brand, reputation, achieve sales as well as innovative and new revenue streams. Judy has experience in fundraising, in particular for the Queensland Museum where she was part of the team that established the Pandora Foundation and was active in raising $3M in donations as part of a community program. Together with her experience on the commercial side with sponsorships, she understand motivations on both sides of the fundraising/sponsorship equation.

With eight years’ experience working within the Not-for-Profit sector, Judy has firm appreciation for the opportunities, challenges and issues facing Not-for-Profit organisations. Judy has a bank of knowledge in governance, strategy (especially market strategy), business management, risk and compliance.

Judy takes pride in helping teams and their organisations transform and as a leader in internal communications, she has been sensitive to the necessity to maintain and build strong culture and team values during times of transformation.