Key safe from St John Ambulance Qld

Extra security at home for when you need it most.

Keeping you safe.

Key safes are a strong metal box installed on the outside of your property to securely store the keys or swipe cards to access your house.

Key safes can be opened by a combination code of your choosing which can be held by St John Qld and provided to emergency services should they be required to gain access.

Safety first

Allows access to your home if you’re unable to.

Peace of mind

Offers peace of mind for those who love you most.


Locked with your own code for added security.


Benefits of buying a St John keysafe:

  • A secure way to store keys that eliminates the need to leave keys under doormats or to issue multiple sets of keys to family/neighbours.
  • Emergency workers can quickly gain access to your property without damaging your property.
  • All steel powder coated construction for secure storage
    Easy to use combination lock.
  • Just $49.00 for piece of mind.

"St John Ambulance Qld will have vetted their drivers, they would check their CV's. I'll be able to rely on the person who's driving."

Margaret - St John Ambulance Qld Community Transport Customer

Registered NDIS provider

St John Ambulance Qld is a proud partner of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS is helping to support a better life for hundreds of thousands of Australians each day.