Medical alarms

We can support you to live safely & independently at home.

Peace of mind 24 / 7.

Our medical alarms are designed to keep you safe and independent in your home. If you have a fall, feel unwell or unsafe, then help can be summoned at the touch of a button. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond instantly to any call for help.

If you are enquiring about medical alarms from outside of Queensland, please call 1800266575.

24/7 monitoring

Our medical alarm is monitored 24/7 by our friendly and trained staff. No matter the time of day, your request for help will be answered promptly by a real person

Emergency services assistance

Our staff can supply emergency services with essential information such as important health details, or your key safe code to reach you inside your house.

Two way voice call

The powerful two- way voice call feature allows you to open a voice channel following a help alert so you can communicate with our monitoring centre staff.


A brand you can trust.

  • St John Ambulance Qld medical alarms are suitable for anyone – whether you have a medical condition or just live alone and want an added layer of security.
  • The St John Ambulance Qld brand is well-known and trusted for quality. Our services are delivered by highly experienced and trained staff. We’ve been helping the community for over 130 years, and you can rely on us to help when you need it most.

St John Ambulance Qld medical alarm features:

  • The device is an ultra-capable Australian Made and Australian Standards (AS 4607 Personal response systems) compliant 4G medical alarm device.
  • The devices operate on Telstra 4G network, covering 99% of Australia. You can check your coverage on their website.
  • The unit comes pre-programmed, and set up for self-installation. Simply plug in the unit, turn it on and follow the prompts.
  • You have the optional (and recommended) choice of a falls detection pendant – when a fall is detected the pendant will beep and automatically send an alert to the monitoring centre.
  • The base unit of the alarm can be connected to up to 8 pendants – allowing multiple people in your household to have their own pendant.
  • Pendants can be worn on the wrist or a chain and are waterproof, light weight, comfortable and discreet.
    The pendants will work within a 300m range of the base unit – which will generally cover your home and garden.
  • You will receive automatic equipment and system checks.
  • Large backlit Help and Cancel keys are conveniently positioned for easy operation.
  • Devices meet ISO9001 International Quality manufacturing Standards. The standard is used by organizations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.
  • You can also consider adding motion sensors and a key safe to your personal safety plan, at an additional cost.
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Medical alarm packages

St John Ambulance Qld offers 3 options for medical alarms. Each package option has 2 contract options – no lock-in contract or 12 month contract. Our packages include the devices – base unit and pendant – plus the 24/7 monitoring service.

Additional services:

  • Additional falls detector monthly rental – $15
  • Additional standard pendant monthly rental – $15
  • Key safe – $49

Package Options

  • 1 medical alarm with 1 falls detector pendant
  • $180 set up fee .
  • $70/month for no lock-in contract or $60/month for a 12 month contract.
  • 1 medical alarm with 1 standard pendant
  • $180 set up fee
  • $65/month for no lock-in contract or $55/month for a 12 month contract.
  • 1 medical alarm with 1 falls detector pendant and motion monitor
  • $220 set up fee
  • $90/month for no lock-in contract or $80/month for a 12 month contract.
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“The drivers in Community Services are passionate about their jobs and treat every client with the highest dignity and respect. All clients are welcome and assisted by the drivers uniquely and compassionately.” -

Deb - St John Ambulance Qld Community Transport Driver

Registered NDIS Provider

St John Ambulance Qld is a proud partner of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS is helping to support a better life for hundreds of thousands of Australians each day.