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Health Care Professionals

Health Care Professionals

St John offers a diverse range of experiences to registered nurses, paramedics, doctors and emergency services professionals.

Volunteer Health Care Professionals play an important role within St John Ambulance and its delivery of quality care to the Queensland community at major events as well as in the event of an emergency or disaster.


Health Care Professionals are able to work across a variety of clinical environments according to their level of qualification, and are guided by the St John Ambulance scope of practice and clinical practice guidelines.


Working alongside Advanced First Responders, Health Care Professionals contribute to the development of innovative pre-hospital emergency care.


By volunteering with St John Ambulance (Qld) you will

  • Develop essential pre-hospital skills including triage and complex care
  • Experience unique multiple patient presentations in the pre-hospital environment during the early stages of acute illness 
  • Have access to simulation training 
  • Have the opportunity to undertake additional qualifications including frontline management, training and assessment, and emergency management training 
  • Network and interact with other health care professionals and emergency services agencies 
  • Hold an esteemed place in St John Ambulance, an international not-for-profit organisation which assists people in need, sickness or distress


All St John Health Care Professionals have an opportunity to volunteer with our Medical Assistance Team (MAT). A MAT is deployed to high-risk major events and incidents to provide advanced airway management, trauma care, cardiac care and pre-hospital stabilisation.


Medical Assistance Team (MAT)
Comprised of a multidisciplinary team of Health Care Professionals, a MAT is capable of delivering pre-hospital care to multiple patients - from suturing and intravenous therapy to advanced airway management and resuscitation.


MAT deployment is designed to reduce the burden on local health facilities and the Queensland Ambulance Service while a large scale event is in progress. A MAT is capable of providing advanced life support, including patient stabilisation prior to road or aero-medical evacuation to a tertiary referral centre.


Events that may require Advanced Care Medical Team (ACMT) deployment include

  • Large scale marathons 
  • Music festivals and rave events 
  • Major motor cross and sporting events 
  • High risk events in rural settings 
  • Natural disasters such as bushfires or floods


A MAT is supported by significant administrative, information technology and logistical resources, and is capable of being deployed to any part of Queensland or interstate if necessary.


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