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Training Information

Training Information

Please note:

  • The Health Training Package now stipulates that students must perform CPR on the ground. Please contact St John (Qld) if this will be an issue for you. You may bring a small pillow or mat to kneel on while practicing resuscitation.
  • Do not wear lipstick or lip gloss during the course.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, suitable for bending and kneeling.
  • Advise your Trainer if you have any issues that may prevent you from completing designated tasks.
  • Bring a pen and paper to take notes.
  • No meals are provided, however tea and coffee may be available for purchase.

Reasonable adjustment
As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), St John Ambulance Australia must provide reasonable adjustment to assessment for participants who have a disability. Further, it is a requirement of the Disability Discrimination Act that such adjustment is provided.


The below is provided as an example of reasonable adjustment, and is not prescriptive, as reasonable adjustment must be based on individual needs and abilities.


Some participants, particularly those with low literacy, may need to complete the theory assessment by oral questioning, where appropriate.


Course expectations
St John Ambulance (Qld) ensures that courses are conducted by qualified and experienced trainers. Trainers are responsible for preparing and presenting material to meet the appropriate standard. Participants will be assessed fairly, objectively and consistently to determine their competency and understanding of the material.


While St John Ambulance staff will provide encouragement and support, all course participants have a responsibility to make every effort to maintain satisfactory progress in their training.


Enrolment conditions
Enrolments are subject to:

  • Availability of courses;
  • Sufficient enrolments in the course; and
  • Course entry requirements, including prerequisites, being met.


Refund and transfer policy 
No refund will be given where less than five (5) business days’ written notice is provided prior to the course commencement date. If more than five (5) business days’ written notice is given, a full refund will be provided.


Students are entitled to one complementary transfer of their enrolment to another course, however a 10% admin fee will be applied for any supplementary transfers. Transfers must be completed within six (6) months of initial enrolment. No refund will be given for transfers. No transfers will be given after course commences.


If St John (Qld) cancels a course, students will receive a full refund of fees paid.


A substitute candidate may attend a course at no extra charge, provided St John receives notification prior to course commencement, and the replacement candidate has completed required reading / prerequisites.


To request a refund, a student must apply in writing to St John (Qld) at the centre where the booking was made, stating the amount sought and the reason why a refund should be made. A copy of the receipt for the amount paid must accompany the request. Refunds will not be made to any other party other than the person / organisation making the original payment.


Access and equity
St John Ambulance actively encourages the participation and involvement of all members of the community. This is achieved through the establishment of non-discriminatory participant selection and assessment procedures and encouraging access for all members of the community.


Participants who require assistance to attend a training course – such as a hearing, language or literacy difficulty – or particular access requirements – such as a wheelchair – should inform Customer Services so appropriate assistance can be provided where possible.


St John Ambulance aims to keep course registration fees to a minimum, and may not be able to absorb the costs of any special assistance. If this is the case, any additional cost will be discussed and agreed with the participant.


Participants who experience any difficulty during the course should in the first instance seek assistance from the trainer conducting the course. If the issue cannot be resolved by the Trainer, the Regional Manager or Training Manager should be approached.


Registration fees

Course fees are payable in advance. St John (Qld) reserves the right to determine the course fee payable. Course materials are inclusive in the published fees.


St John accepts a wide range of payment methods, including cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), and personal, bank or business cheques – made payable to St John Ambulance Australia (Qld).


Where course fees exceed $1,500, a deposit of $1,500 is required. Outstanding balances must be paid prior to course completion. St John will only issue qualifications once outstanding fees are paid in full.


Trainers will deliver courses to meet the VET Quality Framework, Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations. Assessment will be conducted to meet the competency standards. Successful participants will receive a Statement of Attainment.


Assessed tasks may include in-course activities, scenarios, group work, practical demonstrations, verbal and / or written theory assessments.


If a participant is assessed as Not Yet Competent (NYC), they will be given two additional attempts to become competent. If the participant is deemed NYC after these additional attempts, they will need to repeat the course / subject at their own expense if they wish the pursue competency.


Participants have the right to appeal against assessment decisions. Any appeal related to assessment must be lodged within the appeal period (within five (5) working days of course completion) and may attract an appeal fee which, in the case of a successful appeal, will be refunded.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Those students who possess industry experience and have the required skills / knowledge can be assessed through RPL; they must validate an ability to meet all industry benchmarks as required for relevant units.


The RPL process is a methodical and detailed collection of evidence that describes your current knowledge and skill levels. This process can take up to a few months, depending on what type of evidence you have available and how quickly you can get them together.


The RPL processes incurs a fee of 75% of the published course cost.


Course participants have the right to seek redress if they believe they have been treated unfairly.


St John Ambulance has a formal grievance procedure for participants as follows:

  • Discuss grievance with the course trainer. Failing satisfactory resolution of the grievance, then:
  • Grievances are to be put in writing and discussed with the General Manager Commercial Services within five (5) working days of the course being completed. The Regional Manager or Training Manager will investigate the grievance and provide a written response, generally within five (5) working days. Failing satisfactory resolution of the grievance then:
  • The grievance may be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer for resolution.


Student discipline procedure
St John Ambulance reserves the right to exclude disruptive participants if, in the view of the trainer, the participant's behaviour is affecting the learning, safety or property of others. No refund will be given to participants excluded for disruptive behaviour. St John Ambulance also reserves the right to exclude disruptive participants from future courses. Those wishing to appeal exclusion are required to follow the Grievance Procedure.


Bullying, discrimination and harassment
St John Ambulance will not tolerate unlawful bullying, discrimination or harassment, either of or by participants.


St John Ambulance reserves the right to exclude participants if, in the view of the trainer, the participant’s behaviour constitutes unlawful bullying, discrimination or harassment. No refund will be given to participants excluded for these reasons.


Any participant who believes they have been subjected to this behaviour should:

  • If comfortable to do so, inform the person that they find their behaviour in appropriate or offensive (sometimes such behaviour is inadvertent).
  • If necessary and appropriate, inform the trainer.
  • If it is not appropriate to approach the trainer or the participant is not satisfied with the trainer's response, contact the Regional Manager or Training Manager.


Health and safety
St John Ambulance has a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for its employees, course participants and visitors. Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) participants also have certain responsibilities.


These include

  • Undertaking activities in a safe manner;
  • Following instructions which are provided for safety;
  • Advising the trainer of existing injuries / circumstances that may prevent participant from safely undertaking activity;
  • Not putting themselves or anyone else at risk; and
  • Reporting an injury / illness or a ‘near miss’ to an appropriate person.


Privacy policy
Participants' privacy is respected by St John Ambulance. St John Ambulance protects the personal information under its control from unauthorised access, improper use, or alteration by restricting access to its files and our database to only those personnel responsible for their maintenance and use.


For further information of how St John Ambulance deals with privacy issues, please refer to the St John Ambulance Privacy Policy.


If you have any privacy concerns or would like to verify information held about you, please contact us.


Marketing policy
St John (Qld) identifies the Australian Qualification Framework level of courses and separates accredited from non-accredited courses in its advertisements. It accurately represents training products to prospective clients.


Additional services
St John Ambulance (Qld) provides many services not normally associated with training provision. Copies of promotional information about current programs are available at the reception areas of all St John (Qld) offices. Participants are encouraged to make enquiries about other services.


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