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Our paramedics and nurses are accredited to train your staff on the job. Training, in conjunction with the provision of medical oversight, can allow staff to administer allergy and pain relief medication.

Training that saves lives


St John Ambulance (Qld) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which delivers nationally-recognised training according to the Australian Quality Training Framework.


Training is conducted by highly qualified instructors. Courses include hands-on-scenarios aimed at producing confident and skilled first aiders.


St John (Qld) is able to customise first aid courses to suit participants’ needs. Whether specific and specialised training, or more flexibility, is required within current first aid courses, we have a solution for all your industry needs.


INDUSTRIAL MEDIC  HLT41012 Certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance)

The Industrial Medic course is designed to meet the needs of staff and volunteers who provide emergency response or transport roles in the corporate, mining and industry sectors. Participants learn real skills through a unique combination of hands-on clinical workshops and placements with experienced health care professionals as well as innovative self-paced e-learning material.


St John also offers participants the opportunity to become registered St John first aid trainers to deliver Provide CPR and Provide First Aid in their workplace on successful completion of the Industrial Medic course.



INDUSTRIAL FIRST RESPONDER  HLT33112 Certificate III in Basic Health Care

A specialist course for occupational first aiders at industrial work sites. This course is designed to incorporate training in equipment and skills specifically structured to manage a casualty within a workplace.


Working with industry experts, participants will obtain practical experience utilising first aid equipment and confidence in managing casualties in an industrial and remote setting.



EMERGENCY RESPONDER  HLT21112 Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response

A specialist course for anyone who provides first response care, including community first aiders, volunteer first aiders, workplace first responders and emergency medical responders. 


This course is designed to incorporate training in equipment and skills specifically structured to manage a casualty in the initial response stage of an incident.




Occupational first aid equips the participant for emergencies in a high risk work environment and provides the participant with the skills necessary to be responsible for a first aid room.



ADVANCED FIRST AID (including Advanced Resuscitation) 

This course provides participants with a higher level of first aid. Participants will learn how to utilise specialised first aid equipment; stabilise a casualty where medical aid has been delayed; maintain life in an unconscious casualty with the use of oxygen equipment; and operate a defibrillator unit in order to maintain life in an adult casualty in cardiac arrest.




This course provides the participants with the skills to manage the danger of accidental electrocution. At the completion of the course you will be competent to rescue and provide resuscitation to a person who has stopped breathing or is unconscious due to electrical shock.




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