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St John lifelink

St John lifelink

Peace of mind at the touch of a button.

St John Medical Alarms (Lifelink) 


Stay independent longer


Why consider a medical alarm with a Falls Detector Pendant?

  • Falling is more of an issue as we age. Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury for Queenslanders aged 65 years and over and the cost of falls and falls injury is significant. Older people are at greatest risk of sustaining an injury from a fall. At least one in four older people have a fall each year. Over 40 % have multiple falls and over 30 % of those who fall require medical attention as a result. The rate of falls is even higher for older people living in residential care1.
  • In Australia in 2010-11, there were 92,150 people aged over 65 hospitalised for fall related injuries, and they were in hospital on average seven days2.
  • Medical alarms help thousands of Australians to remain independent in their homes for longer.
  • No matter what your age, if you live by yourself or have a health condition, a medical alarm could offer you and your family the reassurance you need.


How does it work?


In an emergency, push the button on your pendant.

  • We will call you back and talk to you through the alarm speaker to check if you are okay.
  • If you are OK, we can send assistance from nominated family, friends or carers.
  • If there is no answer, we will immediately organise an ambulance to be sent.
  • Any ambulance staff arriving at your home will know your name and other important information.
  • We keep your information and any instructions safe on our confidential database.


Why your medical alarm should have St John Ambulance on it

  • St John is Australia’s leading medical alarm suppliers.  
  • Ours is the only medical alarm monitored by St John Ambulance.
  • If you require assistance, St John Ambulance organises the most appropriate help. This could be an ambulance, paramedic, another emergency service or assistance from nominated family, friends or carer.


REMEMBER: When your medical alarm is activated, your call comes straight to St John Ambulance.


Elizabeth from Hervey Bay in Queensland recently said, "I tripped while making my bed, fell and fractured my femur. I pushed the button and knew an ambulance would come. After a while I heard a fumbling at the front door. It was my best friend and she had a set of keys. Then she reminded me - she was on my emergency contact list with St John Ambulance. Hot on her heels the ambulance arrived. From there it was the smoothest operation ever. I saw the kindness of so many people. I didn't just learn it. I experienced it firsthand. And it all began with St John. Thank you."



What’s included with your St John Medical Alarm?


A St John Medical Alarm:

  • consists of a base unit and waterproof Falls Detector Pendant.
  • includes a two-way speaker for hands-free use when talking with our monitoring centre staff.
  • has battery backup for uninterrupted operation in a power cut.
  • can be taken anywhere in Australia, and is monitored by St John Ambulance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our medical alarm


St John Ambulance offers an alarm that works on the 3G network and no longer needs a home phone line.  It is compatible with the NBN as it is independent of any phones within the home. The alarm only requires an electricity power point to ensure the battery backup is kept fully charged and ready to supply power to the base unit in case of electricity power cuts due to storms or failures.  If you are in an area where phone coverage is an issue for mobile phones, be sure to mention this when you contact us as we can assist with even the most difficult areas as well.


St John Ambulance – a name you can trust


We’ve been helping Australians for over 130 years. Proceeds from St John Medical Alarms help fund our community and humanitarian services. By choosing St John Ambulance you are not just helping yourself, you’re helping others too.


Order a St John Medical Alarm now!


For more information on a St John Medical Alarm

Please call us on 1800 266 575






1, accessed 25 October 2017

2, accessed 25 October 2017


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