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St John Ambulance is here to help local Queensland businesses.


St John Ambulance Queensland, the state’s leading provider of First Aid services, is urging all Queensland businesses to act now to save lives by having a life-saving defibrillator on the premises. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Every year 33,000 Australians suffer from SCA, of which only 5% survive. In fact, SCA is such a severe medical emergency that survival rates decrease by 7-10% for every minute that passes without defibrillation. After 8 minutes there is little chance of survival.


St John Ambulance (Qld) General Manager of Sales, Gerald Edwards said St John is here to help by offering Queensland businesses a one-off special on two of our top lifesaving defibrillators.


“Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, no matter what their age or gender,” Mr Edwards said.


“For every passing minute without a defibrillator shock the chance of survival reduces by ten percent – and with the average response time from an ambulance being 9-14 minutes, defibrillators do have the ability to save lives.


“Without a defibrillator close by, the survival rate for cardiac arrest is somewhere between two and five percent.”


Mr Edwards said that the ultimate solution is for all Queensland businesses is to be equipped with defibrillators with everyone trained in their operation.


“We understand there is a cost implication to business owners in purchasing a defibrillator and training everyone, and St John will provide a free alarmed cabinet, carry case, responder kit and signage visibility kit with every defibrillator purchased online at  


“Having a lifesaving defibrillator on the premises provides immediate peace of mind that our business owners and staff to have the best possible chance of survival in the event of a cardiac arrest,” Mr Edwards said.


“Regardless of how big or small, I encourage all business owners to contact St John to discuss their situation, and we will work together with them to find their best option for immediate and longer term First Aid coverage for their business,” Mr Edwards said.


To learn more about the total first aid solutions and services St John (Qld) can offer, please visit


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St John Ambulance Australia is a self-funded charitable organisation with one dedicated purpose; to prevent and relieve sickness and injury from accidents, and to act to enhance the health and wellbeing of all people.  St John provides quality first aid products, services and training for our communities.


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