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In response to another recent drowning in Queensland, St John Ambulance Queensland has announced another discount on Provide First Aid one-day course with e-learning.


Alex Hutton, CEO St John Ambulance QLD, said, “St John Ambulance Queensland wants to stress the importance of knowing first aid skills and CPR, especially in drowning situations.


“To confidently apply first aid and CPR is the difference between life and death. We hope by offering a discount on our first aid course that it will get people into our training rooms to learn first aid, and be able to act confidently in scary situations.”


Statistics show 71.5% of people consider first-aid important, while approximately only 50% of people plan on completing a first aid course within the next 12 months. 1


Mr Hutton urges all Queenslanders to take the time to complete a St John Ambulance first aid course.


“We want the number of drowning deaths lowered in 2017. Swimming and water sports are a big past time for Queensland families, especially with our endless summer, which is why it’s important to know first aid. We hope you never have to act, but unfortunately, you never know when you will need to save a life.”


In 2016, Queensland had the second highest rate of drowning deaths behind New South Wales in Australia, according to the Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report, 2016.2


Queenslanders can book their first aid course for only $99 today by visiting




For all media enquiries please contact Paula Price at or 0417 785 228.


1 St John Ambulance Australia WA, 7.1 Summary of National First Aid Index Research, 2015.

2 Royal Life Saving, Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report, 2016.

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