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St John is so much more than a training organisation – it is at its core a humanitarian organisation aimed at bettering the community in which we live.


Communities across Queensland benefit from the charitable services our volunteers provide. As well as providing first aid services to events across the State, our volunteers provide emergency first aid in times of disaster. Right now, our Event Health Services teams are currently very busy providing on the ground assistance to those injured and in distress after Cyclone Debbie.


To provide these services, our volunteers require resources including vehicles, first aid equipment and supplies at the ready.


St John Ambulance (Qld) utilises income from our first aid training, and through the sale of first aid kits and equipment to fund significant aspects of our charitable work.


Commercial income meets the administration costs of our organisation, including infrastructure for our fundraising efforts.


Donations from members of the public are sought to expand and support the growing demand for the services of our volunteers.


If you believe in the positive and valuable work of St John (Qld), please show your support by donating to our organisation. You can choose to make a regular gift, single donation or a bequest. Whatever you give will go directly towards supporting the work of our volunteers in your community.


A donation of $5 minimum is required to offset any merchant fees. All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.


By making a donation, you can contribute to support the work our volunteers do in the community; please visit




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