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St John Ambulance Australia thanks its members and supporters for its outstanding ranking in the 2016 AMR Charity Reputation Index.

St John Ambulance Australia is honoured to have been ranked in 2nd place in the 2016 Charity Reputation Index placing it amongst the most trusted charities in Australia.

“For St John, the trust of the community forms the foundation of all that we do, and we are pleased that St John Ambulance Australia is seen by the community that we serve as a trustworthy benevolent organisation,” said Professor Mark Compton, Chairman and Chancellor of St John Ambulance Australia.

“None of the work St John does would be possible without the dedication, passion and generosity of our volunteers and staff members who maintain our high quality and our contribution to community, through first aid training, first aid products, first aid stations at events, various community care activities and staffing our world class Ambulance services in both Western Australia and the Northern Territory. To all St John members, I give my heartfelt thanks for the tireless work that you do, often in the face of very challenging circumstances. St John members save lives every day and they are what make St John exceptional - they are our heart and this ranking is a testament to each and every one of them. We also thank our donors and supporters for the wonderful contribution they make to our work in so many ways. This support is crucial to allow us to serve the community as we have done for over 130 years.

“We thank the Australian public for their continued support and trust in St John,” said Professor Compton.

First Aid in Schools Program
“St John has had a very big year in 2016. Amongst other things, we have reached the milestone of training over one million school-aged children across the country under our free First Aid in Schools Program. Our next goal is to train all school-aged children in first aid by 2020.”

“The First Aid in Schools Program stems from St John’s objective that first aid is a skill for life that should be taught to everyone regardless of age, and that learning essential first aid skills should start early and in our schools. Learning essential first aid skills is an important part of building community resilience. Since the program commenced in 2013, we have heard many success stories of primary school aged children saving lives which demonstrates that first aid is a skill for people of all ages. St John calls on governments everywhere to make life-saving first aid in schools a priority.”

Each year, St John Ambulance Australia across the nation gives over:

  • 3.4 million hours in volunteer service
  • attends over 21,000 events
  • provides service to over 109,000 people, and
  • issues over 780,000 training certificates.


St John Ambulance Australia is part of an international charity that each year worldwide:

  • engages over 230,000 volunteers (of which 50% are under the age of 25 years)
  • achieves a total of 16 million hours of service from volunteers
  • reaches over 3.1 million people
  • treats over 1.5 million people, and
  • has helped over 450,000 people with life-saving treatment.


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Media contact:
Contact: Robert Hunt, CEO,

Phone: 02 6239 9201 (w), 0412 117 799 (m).


Interviews and photo opportunities available.

For more information please call St John or visit the website:
1300 360 455 

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