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As the temperature rises so does the risk of sustaining injuries outdoors. Whether it be a sprained ankle or a bite from one of Australia’s most venomous residents, St John Ambulance (QLD) has got you covered with our First Aid App for iPhone and Android.


Packed with some of the most common and critical conditions that require immediate life-saving first aid, we encourage everyone to be prepared for whatever unfortunate event may occur this Spring.



Top 5 Reasons To Download The First Aid App:


1. KNOWLEDGE           

You can now carry over 130 years of First Aid research, experience and knowledge right in your pocket.



The App displays step-by-step emergency first aid information to the user with a large clear image for each step.



The App is regularly updated with new information to ensure you are receiving the latest and correct information.



Compatible for both iPhone and android.


5. It’s FREE


Everyone is talking about this App. Check out what the TODAY show had to say about it:



For more information visit the App website.


Download direct to your phone from the App store or Google Play today.





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